Credentialing Application

Stage 1 Application Steps:

1. Download and complete the application (you can type directly on the form, save and submit via email):   

CACBT-ACTCC Credentialing Stage1 Application CACBT-ACTCC Credentialing Stage1 Application (117 KB)  


2. Submit your application by email to the Credentialing Committee:

3. Send your non-refundable application fee of $150.00 + applicable tax CAD by snail mail* to the following address:

 C/O:  Dr. Guillaume Foldes-Busque
 1116-2325 Allée Des Bibliothéques
 Quebec, QC  
 G1V 0A6

 * We are expecting to have an online payment option available soon.

Stage 2 Application Instructions will be provided if applicants pass through the Stage 1 process.