Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies (CBT) are approaches to treating a wide range of health and mental health problems; CBT is based in the science of thought, behaviour, emotion and physiology.

Specific goals of CACBT-ACTCC include:


We plan to disseminate information about and provide training for those interested in CBT by organizing conferences, courses, workshops and by organizing the printing, publication and circulation of a newsletter containing articles, information and news relating to CBT. 

Advancing Knowledge:

We plan to promote scientific research in CBT and related concepts and to provide a forum for discussion of matters relevant to both the science and practice of CBT among members of all helping professions.


We will work to educate and inform the public about CBT and to advocate in relation to matters pertaining to CBT and to the Association.


We plan to develop, maintain and apply standards for eligible practitioners of CBT by providing an opportunity for members who meet these standards to obtain an appropriate credential.